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It's Who You Become

Jo-Rémi Saada is extremely proud and excited to share his latest work, It's Who You Become. The project might have been a lengthy one, but everything turns out to be exactly like he wanted.

*Image depicted isn't representative of the final product.

it's who you become
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Story of Jo-Rémi Saada

A recent graduate with a degree in Sport and Recreation and is someone who just
went through the transitional maze of trying to figure out his place in the world. 

He never would have imagined that one day he would write a book.

However, he’s been fascinated by the statement of “If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything”. He loves learning subjects related to philosophy and psychology;

this resulted in writing and publishing his first book.

With his newfound clarity, all he wants to do is help the people who feel lost, and that inspired him to start making a mark in the self-help genre.

The self-publish author currently resides in the beautiful country of the long white cloud, New Zealand,



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Notebook and Pen

“So, then I thought of the word ‘success’. In seeking to understand what that word meant, I realized success must be defined by each of us, and only in that way will we know when we’re on the right path to attaining it”

Jo-Rémi Saada

What People Say

"To describe it as thoughtful, introspective, insightful and contemplative is an understatement. At times it is even metaphysical. This is very sophisticated thinking for a 21-year-old."

"You expressed a truth in a very beautiful way"